The Next Chapter of E-Mobility

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Welcome to Exro’s dedicated resource page for APTA Expo attendees! As pioneers in advanced electric powertrain technologies, we've collaborated with Vicinity to showcase a revolutionary bus powered by the Exro Coil Driver™. This vehicle embodies the future of public transportation, combining efficiency, performance, and sustainability. Dive deeper to understand the ingenuity and value proposition of our Coil Driver™ technology through the downloadable content provided below.

Access your Downloadable Resources:

Coil Driver™ Catalog

Grasp our mission, vision, and the next-generation inverter technology that sets us apart.

Coil Driver™ Brochure

Discover Coil Driver’s unique advantages, benefits, and specifications.

A020 Coil Driver™ System

Explore our low voltage powertrain offering.

L040 Coil Driver™ System

Explore our high voltage powertrain offering.

Coil Driver™ Competitive Benchmarking

Transform commercial vehicles with unprecedented efficiency and performance.

Our patented coil switching technology is what sets the Coil Driver™ apart. Access the coil switching whitepaper and discover the powertrain technology poised to replace the standard 3-phase drive. Unlock vehicle performance, efficiency, and cost management.

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