Start of Production

A New Chapter for Power Electronics

At Exro, every step we take is driven by innovation, commitment, and the determination to redefine the electric frontier. Today marks a significant milestone as we venture into the start of production – a testament to our relentless pursuit of delivering top-tier, next-generation electric solutions. Join us in celebrating this achievement and dive deeper into the Exro narrative.

Media Toolkit – Amplify the Exro Story

Media Tools and Quotes

Deep Dive into Exro’s Innovations

Embark on a journey through Exro's core technologies and processes. Download to discover how we're pioneering a more capable and efficient future:

Exro Overview

Grasp our mission, vision, and the next-generation tech ecosystem that sets us apart.

Exro Manufacturing

Delve into our manufacturing prowess and discover the standards that elevate us.

Exro Coil Driver™

Discover the next generation of motor control.

Exro Cell Driver™

Explore new boundaries in battery control.

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