Potencia Industrial

Exro signed a joint development collaboration with Potencia with the goal of improving various aspects of motor/generator performance.

Potencia Industrial designs and manufactures special application, high efficiency electrical motors and generators. Specializing in creative solutions and applications, Potencia meets the highest technical requirements in power security and energy efficiency. Its state of the art machines meet and exceed the most stringent customer specifications and maintain IEEE, NEMA and IEC standards. Potencia has set several industry benchmarks in permanent magnet generator, kinetic energy storage, and high efficiency patented technologies.

“We are delighted to work with Exro. A successful collaboration could have far-reaching impact for our industry, for our customers, and for the environment.

-- Carlos Gottfried, Chairman, Potencia Industrial

Exro is expanding on the foundation of prior work with Potencia that demonstrated a self-correcting convergent network with zero errors. Exro and Potencia are collaborating on two demonstration projects.

Project #1:

Objective: Convert traditional internal combustion engines in Mexico City’s taxis to electric motors, as part of a city initiative to green the city’s 250,000 taxi fleet. Exro will jointly work to integrate its hardware and software technology into Potencia’s motor drives.

Exro technology will be tested initially with the battery systems followed by testing on Potencia electric motors. The goal is to establish full communications between several systems utilizing Exro technology, to achieve optimal efficiency and performance.

Requirements are:

  1. Integrate the Battery Management System (BMS) with Potencia’s Super-B lithium ion batteries in the battery packs
  2. Design the motor controller, the voltage limit unit (VLU) for protection, and the central power control unit (CPCU) for data logging and cloud connection

Project #2:

Objective: Demonstrate voltage and current control, with improved power, for small renewable power sources (hydro, wind, etc.) by incorporating Exro technology into a Potencia generator used for a small wind turbine.


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