For almost two centuries, electric motors and generators have used technologies that only operate efficiently in very limited circumstances.

As the world’s power consumption increases and fossil fuels decrease, changes in the environment are forcing us to breed innovation for rapid global change in power generation on a massive scale.

Typical Powercurve
World Energy Consumption

Both electric generators and motors are typically designed for an optimal speed and torque so that when the generator deviates from this design point, the efficiency drops. This means that the electric generator is not creating as much power as it could, and likewise in the case of electric motors, valuable electricity is being wasted.

Independent testing shows that in a conventional 5kW generator efficiency drops from its peak of 83% down to as low as 18% in variable conditions. With EXRO, that 83% is maintained across the board.


Our technology is designed to increase efficiencies
while harnessing energy in variable settings

In an effort to develop a generator and motor to work efficiently in variable settings, EXRO has created an intelligent generator technology that is able to harness energy in variable settings; when applied to electric motors EXRO’s technology can dramatically reduce energy waste.

EXRO’s DCM (Dynamic Current Management) technology reduces off-peak losses by essentially creating multiple design points so that the motor operates at peak performance all the time.

The more variable the application, the greater the efficiency or gains.


Using EXRO’s DCM technology can achieve an unparalleled 65% improvement
in energy efficiency

This graph extracted from the 3rd party validation data demonstrates the benefit of EXRO's DCM technology. A 5kW generator was run and tested at a speed of 300rpm with an initial resistive load of 4 ohms, to establish the baseline efficiency.

The generator was then run and tested under increasing load to obtain the full efficiency curve. The exact same testing was then repeated with DCM technology integrated, demonstrating an improvement in efficiency of up to 65% when compared to the baseline.  

A new standard of efficiency

Independent performance review of EXRO’S DCM technology conducted by I2R Solutions, Fort Langley, BC Canada