Current Challenges

For almost two centuries, electric motors and generators have used technologies that only operate efficiently in limited circumstances.

As the world’s power consumption increases, fuel costs and changes in the environment drive us to innovate for more efficient power generation and consumption.

Today’s electric generators and motors have a built-in optimal speed and torque. As the electric machine deviates from this design point, the efficiency drops. The generator is not producing as much electric power as it could, and electric motors are wasting valuable electricity as heat.




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Our technology is designed to increase efficiencies
while harnessing energy in variable settings

Exro’s DPM (Dynamic Power Management) technology is a control system that integrates wiring of the rotating machine coils into the power electronics. This gives the power electronics control of the machine coil wiring configuration in real time. Each configuration has related but different operating characteristics, providing a range of options in place of a fixed machine configuration.

The more variable the application, the greater the efficiency and economic gains.

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