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Exro Coil Driver Edison Best New Product AwardExro Coil Driver Edison Best New Product Award
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Exro Technologies' Receives the 2022 Illuminations Award for Business Innovation from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association

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Exro Technologies' Announces Resolution to its Patent Dispute with ePropelled

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Load Shifting: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Exro partners with e-mobility and energy storage organizations around the world

“We are thrilled to work with Exro as a valuable equipment supplier, not only to optimize the performance of our vehicles, but to enable our used battery cells to serve in second-life energy storage applications.”

—David Solomont, Chairman and CEO of evTS

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Exro Cell Driver™ brings precision power control to energy storage. Our technology enables energy storage units to be monitored and controlled at an increased depth, creating batteries that are safer and more efficient. Find it exclusively with the Exro Energy Storage System.

The Exro Coil Driver™ is an advanced traction inverter that expands the torque envelope and peak efficiency area of the electric motor. This allows for optimization of powertrain design and improved vehicle range; eliminating the need for multispeed gearboxes and oversized electric machines. Unlocking the underutilized potential in electric motors and bridging the performance-cost gap in eMobility.

See how we retrofitted a diesel humvee with our Coil Drive System™

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Exro Vehicle Systems (EVS) is a high-value product development partner for organizations pursuing mobility product electrification. With more than 20 years of experience, EVS offers end-to-end engineering services for the design, development, integration and verification of electrified power systems. Our partners benefit from EVS expertise in e-powertrain design—delivering more performance and more flexibility with less energy consumed.

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Commit to sustainability without compromising results with Exro.

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Together we can redefine sustainable power consumption in electric cars and the next generation of energy storage. Join us!

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Exro Coil Driver Edison Best New Product Award
The Exro Coil Driver™ was named a Gold award winner at the 2022 Edison Best New Product Awards™ in manufacturing, logistics and transportation. See Coil Driver™