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Cell Driver™ | C&I Energy Storage

Optimize commercial and industrial energy consumption and reduce energy bills





Cell Driver™

90kW/192kWh Fully Integrated Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System

The Cell Driver™ is a fully integrated battery energy storage system (BESS) designed to optimize performance and reduce costs for stationary commercial and industrial energy storage applications. Equipped with Exro’s proprietary Battery Control System™ (BCS), the Cell Driver™ offers maximized cell safety, capacity, and lifetime. Enabling businesses to efficiently control their power usage, lower electricity expenses, and improve energy reliability.

Cell Driver™ Benefits

Experience the Cell Driver™ Difference:

Optimize energy consumption and reduce energy bills.
Enhance energy security and grid resilience.
Safeguard against outages and minimize downtime.
Improve renewable energy integration and self-consumption.
Access reliable and robust North American supply chain.
Utilize second-life EV batteries and extend battery lifecycle.

Take advantage of clean energy incentives and tax credits!


Turnkey Solution for Reducing Commercial and Industrial Electricity Bills

The Cell Driver™ case study reveals the significant potential for businesses (such as a full-service restaurant) to reduce their annual electricity bills by integrating Exro's 90kW/192kWh Cell Driver™. The case results show a 25% reduction in electricity demand charges and an overall energy cost reduction of 16%. This proof of Cell Driver™ efficacy invites energy storage suppliers and integrators to partner with us and seize the opportunity to provide superior energy solutions while enhancing their own competitive advantage.

Click to discover the impact of Cell Driver™ on electricity consumption:

Super Off-Peak
Peak demand before ESS
Peak demand after ESS
Peak demand before ESS
Peak demand after ESS

Disclaimer: The depicted load profile and energy storage impact reflect a real-world example specific to San Diego as of May 2023, simulated on Energy Tool Base. Results may vary based on location and individual building parameters. Electricity rates and cost calculations are determined by the current utility rate schedule. For accurate rates, please consult your local utility provider.

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The Cell Driver™ Advantage

90kW/192kWh Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage

Maximize Safety

Dynamic Micro-Protection Mechanism

The Exro Cell Driver™ utilizes advanced protection functions for current, temperature, and voltage, delivering unparalleled safety for ESS operation and minimizing the risk of cell-level thermal runaway. This enables the system to electronically isolate defective cells without impacting system operation.

Active cell balancing across the system enables the control of charged and discharged energy based on the cell’s State-of-Charge (SoC) and State-of-Health (SoH) while matching power demand and power quality. This leads to improved safety, performance,  and overall system capacity.

Defective cell
Active cells
Isolated cells
Maximize Capacity

Next-Generation Active Cell Balancing

The Exro Cell Driver™ introduces an innovative topology for active cell balancing, expertly driving each cell with AC and dynamically adjusting the amperage per second based on the cell's state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH). The result is consistently balanced cells and superior matching of power demand and power quality.

During repeated charging and discharging, battery cells can display varying characteristics, leading to overcharging or undercharging of some cells. This affects overall capacity, efficiency, and may cause damage or thermal runaway events. The Exro Cell Driver™ offers a dynamic solution by charging cells based on their health, enhancing the capacity, efficiency, and safety of energy storage systems.

Standard ESS charging/discharging
Exro active cell balancing
Battery pack charging
Battery pack discharging
Maximize lifetime

First and Second-Life Battery Technology

The enhanced control allows the system to increase the lifespan of first-life batteries as well as repurpose second-life EV batteries, prolonging the useful life of rare earth minerals and reducing the environmental impact of electrification.

Unlock the untapped potential of second-life EV batteries by integrating them into Energy Storage Systems (ESS). This innovative repurposing not only dramatically reduces environmental impact by extending battery life cycles but also substantially cuts ESS costs.

Forward Together

Our Certified Energy Storage Partners

Exro's certified energy storage partners benefit from a secure North American supply chain, ensuring reliable and forward-thinking energy solutions. Partners enjoy priority access to innovative products, expert technical support, and comprehensive training. With the cost-effective and reliable Cell Driver™ energy storage system, Exro stands as the premier choice for all commercial energy storage needs. Contact us today to learn about our partner program and join us in revolutionizing the energy sector.

Watch the video to learn more about the Cell Driver™:

All in One System Functionality

Cell Driver™ Application Benefits

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