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End-to-end electric vehicle consulting and engineering services. Solutions for organizations pursuing mobility product electrification.

Get your electrified mobility products into production and onto the road.

Electric Vehicle Consulting & Engineering Solutions

Exro Vehicle Systems offers electric vehicle consulting and engineering services that optimize the generation and management of electric power through intelligent controls. Connect with the Exro Vehicle Systems division to unlock comprehensive, competitive, and cost-effective electric mobility products.

Full-service Electric Vehicle Consulting & Engineering Services

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  • Keep up with the fast-evolving electric mobility market
  • Leverage world-class electrification expertise
  • Utilize embedded controls system expertise
  • Ensure functional safety
  • Access next-generation mobility technology
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Right People

Exro Vehicle Systems is a team of electric vehicle consultants and engineers that have been delivering innovative electrified power solutions for more than 20 years, accumulated at a variety of successful and respected companies. EVS engineers employ a systems-thinking and multi-disciplinary mindset to provide unique electric vehicle consulting and engineering services, and high-quality work products that are project-specific. Focusing on safety, systems, electrical, and controls engineering, EVS is a product development partner for organizations pursuing mobility product electrification.

Right Place

Exro Vehicle Systems’ 15,000 square foot facility is located in the greater Detroit area, a booming technology and electric mobility hub. The team offers electric vehicle consulting and engineering services, including full design and development of electrified power solutions across a wide variety of applications. Supplied solutions may include Exro’s electric drive and energy technology, and often utilize custom-designed embedded controls solutions tailored to the specific needs of each vehicle’s application.

See how we retrofitted a diesel humvee with our Coil Drive System™

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Right Process

With multiple electric vehicle system integration projects completed and in progress, Exro Vehicle Systems provides clients with access to next-generation powertrain technology. While market and client needs vary, characteristics of robust product development do not. Augmenting or enhancing each client’s internal technical team, Exro Vehicle Systems offers comprehensive electric vehicle consulting and technical services for all stages of the product development lifecycle.

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EV engineering services

Core Technical Competencies

Controls Engineering

  • Embedded controls architecture
  • Controls strategy development and process
  • Real-time controls

Concept Development

  • System concept development
  • Model-based system development
  • Electric vehicle consulting

Simulation and Testing

  • Simulation-based verification (HIL)
  • Electric vehicle testing and validation
  • Battery functional test

Software Development

  • Electric vehicle supervisory control algorithm
  • Battery management system software
  • Electric powertrain component control
  • Thermal management control  

Hardware Development

  • Harness design and build
  • Power distribution unity design and build
  • Custom component design, build, and test
  • Electric vehicle system integration

Maintenance and Repair

  • Maintenance and service tools
  • Operation, maintenance, and service manuals
  • Data logging and connectivity solutions

Project Examples

End-to-end electrification services.

Prototype vehicle build, evaluation and testing
Hybrid and electric vehicle control system design
Product electrification strategy
Concept evaluation and development program planning
Vehicle retrofit / conversion
Electric vehicle development, component sourcing, manufacturing strategy
Demonstration Vehicle

Electric Vehicle System Integration

The conversion of a diesel AM General HUMVEE® M998 into the first all-electric military grade HUMVEE®—which is quieter, more powerful, and has extraordinarily high-power export potential—was implemented by Exro Vehicle Systems. Retrofitting a diesel vehicle with an all-electric drive poses unique challenges. Electric vehicle system integration involved EVS engineers using their world-class expertise to design the electric drive and integrate all electric components, while also developing the software to ensure that all the components work in concert. 

HUMVEE® is a registered trademark of AM General, LLC.
See how Exro retrofitted a diesel Humvee with its Coil Driver™ System
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