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An electric vehicle parked at a charging station, with the car's battery and insides visible.

Coil Driver™

Coil Driver™ is the most intelligent electric motor controller, optimizing electric motor performance and efficiency via direct control of the motor coil windings. Depending on load and application demand at any given time, Coil Driver™ is designed to switch motor configurations between series and parallel modes on the fly, without any disruption in motor operation.

Coil Driver™
Three Exro 25kW 150kWh Energy Storage Systems outside a small facility.

Battery Control System™

Exro’s intelligent Energy Storage System that is equipped with its proprietary Battery Control System™ (BCS) uses cell-level control mechanisms. This introduces the next generation of energy storage solutions that can extend the life of retired electric vehicle batteries and repurpose those cells for stationary energy storage applications.

Energy Storage System

Optimized for the Present.
Extended for the Future.

In traditional lifecycles, second life energy requires tear down, testing, and certification, which can be complicated by varying battery cell chemistries and forms. In an Exro lifecycle, our class of control technology expands the capabilities of any electric motor, generator, and battery, achieving more with less energy consumed.

Exro Lifecycle
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Coil Driver EV ¹
battery application icon with transparent background
Battery Transitions Application ²
battery storage icon with transparent background
Energy Storage Solutions ³
Traditional Lifecycle
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Electric Vehicle Life
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Battery Transition Unclear ⁴
¹ Coil Driver™ extends an EV’s battery life by increasing its performance and range while decreasing its cost.
² Battery Control System™ transitions an EV battery’s application into second life energy.
³ By creating a sustainable battery cell profile, we can enable an universal battery recycling process. In turn accelerating EV adoption.
⁴ Second life energy requires tear down, testing, and certification. Battery recycling solutions vary by battery cell chemistries and forms​.

Putting our Sustainable Technology Solutions to the Test

Testing is the backbone of everything we do. We rigorously put our products through extensive quality checks to validate that our technology meets federal safety regulations and industry standards such as:
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Component Standards

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Toxic Material and Flammability

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Functional Safety

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Automotive Quality Management System

electromagnetic icon with transparent background

Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility

shock vibration icon with transparent background

Shock and Vibration Standard

The Exro Difference

Switching automatically and seamlessly, Coil Driver™ selects the appropriate torque profile to optimize the current torque and speed demand. Unlike standard electric motor controllers, Coil Driver™ achieves 100% utilization of DC link voltage in both its series and parallel modes. This significantly extends the capabilities of the electric motor, leading to:

  • Starting motor torque increase
  • Overall motor torque output improvement across the speed spectrum
  • Enhanced power across the speed spectrum
  • Reduced mechanical loss and total cost of ownership
Legend indicates blue line on graph represents Exro Coil Driver and grey line is Industry Standard.
Line graph shows Exro Coil Driver has 60% performance improvement compared to industry standard.Line graph shows Exro Coil Driver has 150% performance improvement compared to industry standard.
Performance curves are based on a system comprised of Exro 800 Coil Driver™ and TSA TMPW 38-26-8 motor.

Optimizing Power with Intelligent Control Solutions

Coil Driver™

One motor, multiple power settings. Exro Technologies' smart Coil Driver™ is a disruptive technology driving energy optimization and increasing motor intelligence for electric vehicles.

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Battery Control System™

Optimizing second life energy storage at a cellular level. Exro Technologies' Battery Control System™ (BSC) extends battery life with an intelligent controller.

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