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Exro Technologies stands committed to unwavering transparency and open communication. This page is a testament to our pledge to keep you informed, to address your concerns proactively, and to foster a mutual understanding that transcends market fluctuations. We have more than 15,000 individual shareholders and receive dozens of emails per week seeking answers to questions, requesting calls with management, or to simply offer advice. While we value every one of our shareholders, and endeavor to respond to all requests, there is a lot of overlap that we aim to address with this shareholder communication portal. Here, we not only answer your pressing questions but also invite you to be an integral part of our narrative.

Investor Questions – Our Response

In this dedicated space, we directly address your key questions. Our goal: transparent and prompt responses to your most pressing inquiries related to Exro. Your input is vital and helps us focus on what matters to you. Please submit your questions below; we'll update this section regularly to reflect the most common investor concerns. Let’s ensure clarity and confidence together.

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