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A report on Exro's next-generation traction inverter technology. 
Overcoming the Limitations of EV Traction Inverters

The Coil Driver™ Revolution

Discover the Next-Generation Technology Poised to Replace Standard 3-Phase Drive Systems

Today's electric mobility industry, rapidly expanding and continually evolving, seeks sustainable and powerful drivetrain solutions.

Yet, it's becoming increasingly clear that current technologies, particularly the standard 3-phase traction inverter and motor, face distinct challenges and limitations.

At Exro, we're challenging the status quo with our groundbreaking Coil Driver™ technology, a solution that stands poised to redefine the industry and render traditional 3-phase drive systems obsolete.

The Coil Driver™ Solution

Embrace the future of electric vehicles with the Coil Driver™ technology - a next-generation EV traction inverter. This patented technology empowers a single motor to act as multiple electric machines, optimizing torque, and power while dynamically maximizing system efficiency. It alters electromagnetics in response to speed and torque changes, reconfiguring coil windings intelligently and seamlessly in both series and parallel modes.

By offering a comprehensive solution to the limitations of standard EV traction inverters, the Coil Driver™ stands at the forefront of the industry, ready to lead the way to a more efficient, sustainable future.

Key Benefits Include:

Simple Integration

Coil Driver™ adapts to various electric machine designs with minor modifications, offering flexibility in various applications.

Enhanced Efficiency

By reducing core, copper, and mechanical losses, the Coil Driver™ delivers an efficiency level far beyond what standard 3-phase systems can achieve.

Adaptive Performance

With its flexible and adaptable speed-torque characteristics, Coil Driver™ responds to changing driving conditions, offering a more responsive and capable driving experience.

Challenges and Limitations of Standard EV Traction Inverters

Standard 3-phase drives often experience efficiency losses, particularly in high-speed operations, leading to increased energy consumption and reduced vehicle range.
Torque Output
Maintaining torque at higher speeds is a challenge for 3-phase systems, limiting the vehicle's performance in conditions such as highway cruising or uphill driving.
Cooling Requirements
Increased heat generation due to higher losses in 3-phase drives necessitates robust cooling systems, adding to vehicle weight and complexity.
Rare-Earth Materials
Many 3-phase drives rely on permanent magnets made from rare-earth materials. The environmental implications of mining and processing these materials, along with their availability, pose substantial supply chain risks.
Field Weakening Capability
Both induction and synchronous reluctance machines used in 3-phase systems suffer from poor field weakening capability, limiting their high-speed performance.

What to Expect from the White Paper?

Our report provides an in-depth analysis of Coil Driver™ technology, utilizing empirical data and real-life application example, highlighting the potential impact on the future of electric drive technology.

Reach out to us today to find out how coil switching technology can optimize your application.