Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Does Exro make electric motors?

No, we make the controllers that drive the motors. Because we can accomplish coil switching with our controller, it allows us to control an electric motor more than ever before.

Did Exro invent coil switching?

Coil Switching has been around for many years and we did not invent it. Rather we invented a controller that was able to achieve coil switching while driving an electric motor.

What is the Coil Driverᵀᴹ?

Our Coil Driverᵀᴹ is a next generation controller that expands the capabilities of electric motors by enabling multiple dynamic profiles in operation.

What motors can a Coil Driverᵀᴹ control?

Any alternate current (AC) motor.

Is the technology patented?

Yes, we have both issued and patents pending on our technologies.

What are Exro's stock tickers?

Exro can be found in both Canada and US stock markets. In Canada, TSX: EXRO and in USA, OTCQB: EXROF. For more information, visit our Stock page.