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Everything You Want to Know about Exro

Discover answers to commonly asked questions about Exro Technologies, including locations, company size, patented technologies and more.
What does Exro Technologies Inc. do?
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Exro Technologies Inc. (“Exro”) is a clean technology company pioneering intelligent control solutions in power electronics to help solve the most challenging problems in electrification. Exro has developed a new class of control technology that expands the capabilities of electric motors, generators, and batteries. Exro enables the application to achieve more with less energy consumed.

How many employees does Exro Technologies Inc. have?
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Exro has over 100 employees across all of its locations. Exro has been onboarding new employees weekly including roles in engineering, supply chain, application engineering, finance, and marketing.

Where can I buy Exro stock?
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Exro Technologies shares can be found in both Canada and US stock markets. In Canada, TSX: EXRO and in USA, OTCQB: EXROF. More investor-related information can be found on Exro’s Investors page and on the Stock page.

What is the Coil Driver™? How does the Coil Driver™ work?
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Exro Technologies has developed a new dynamic controller, the intelligent Coil Driver™ , that replaces the standard controller of an electric motor. The Coil Driver™ automatically, in real-time, and under demand, selects the appropriate configuration so that torque demand and efficiency are optimized in electric motors. Essentially, the Coil Driver™ makes EVs perform better and cost less.

What is the Battery Control System™? How does the Battery Control System™ work?
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Exro’s patented Battery Control System™ (BCS) is an innovative battery management inverter combined with an advanced cell control software that can expand the capabilities of batteries by enabling a greater depth of control on the cells. As more electric vehicles reach the end of first life, there is a growing number of batteries that can be utilized for second life energy storage. The Battery Control System™ can lead the rapidly growing energy storage markets by reducing total costs and downtime, increasing reliability, and extending battery life for both first life and second life batteries in energy storage.

What is Exro Vehicle Systems (EVS)?
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Exro Vehicle Systems, a division of Exro Technologies, provides engineering services for the design, development, integration, and verification of electrified power systems. Focusing on safety, systems, electrical, and controls engineering, the division is a high value product development partner for organizations pursuing mobility product electrification.

Is Exro’s intellectual property protected under patents?
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Exro has an extensive global patent-protection portfolio with over 37 patents published and pending. Exro also possesses technology dense intellectual property, trademarks and trade secrets on hardware and software.

Who are Exro’s partners? What is Exro’s business model?
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Exro has a multi-path to revenue business model which includes low-volume manufacturing with our commercial partners, Engineering services for all partners, and high-volume manufacturing and licensing with strategic partners. Some of our current partners are Linamar, ev Transportation Services (evTS), SEA Electric, Vicinity Motor Corporation (VMC), Traktionssysteme Austria GmbH (TSA), Potencia Industrial, LAND Motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles, Aurora Powertrains Oy, Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG.

Where is Exro Technologies Inc. located?
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Exro Technologies Inc. is rapidly expanding with five current locations across North American markets. Exro’s Manufacturing Headquarters is located in Calgary, AB, Canada. Exro’s two Innovation Headquarters are located in Calgary, AB, Canada and Mesa, AZ, USA. Exro Vehicle Systems is located in Dexter, MI, USA. Exro also has a Corporate Office in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More information on Exro’s offices and headquarters can be found on the Contact Us page.

Map of Exro's locations in Canada (Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC) and USA (Mesa, AZ; Dexter, MI).
Exro hosts quarterly webcasts to review company updates and answer any further questions. For more information regarding past webcasts and upcoming ones, visit the Events page.