Our commitment to and expectations from our supply partners

Our Current Suppliers

Thank you for all you do for Exro every day.  We need you to be successful and we will strive to be transparent and easy to work with in all our business transactions and practices. This page is where you can find our commitment to and expectations from our supply partners. 

Supplier Conduct & Integrity

We expect ourselves, our suppliers, and our supplier personnel to conduct ourselves and our business with:

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Respect toward each other and our environment

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Responsibility to meet our commitment and stand by our word

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Integrity to do the right thing, always

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise noted on the Purchase Order, Exro's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply.

New Suppliers

We are looking to establish and grow relationships with local and regional suppliers to collaborate with as we take our exciting technology through the product development cycle and to market. A few of the key commodities we will purchase are PCB assembly, electronic components, aluminum die casting, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, logistics and capital equipment (electronics manufacturing).

If you are interested in exploring a relationship with Exro please complete the potential supplier registration form and include a company presentation.  Our team will review your capabilities respond to let you know how your company fits with our supply plan.

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