Deep Dive With Exro Leadership (Featuring Sue Ozdemir)

November 30, 2022

At a Glance

Join Exro Technologies CEO Sue Ozdemir in this shareholder update at Calgary's Manufacturing Facility. This is a recording of the live stream broadcast on November 30th 2022.

Deep Dive With Exro Leadership (Featuring Sue Ozdemir)

🔹 Chapters 🔹

00:00 Introduction

02:37 What does Exro Technologies do?

05:20 Benefits of Exro's Coil Driver

07:57 Benefits of Exro's Cell Driver

09:30 Exro Powertrain Kit

11:55 Coil Driver Progress Update

17:26 Testing and Validation

22:35 Cell Driver Progress Update

24:16 Battery Control System Working Demos

26:10 Manufacturing Facility Progress - ISO 9001 Certification

30:17 On Our Mind

33:12 Patent Infringement Resolution

34:45 Exro's Future in 3, 5+ Years

38:56 Exro's Product Roadmap

41:56 Charging Infrastructure

46:10 Voice of the Customer / Pipeline

47:56 Exro's Partnerships

56:07 Conclusion

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