Exro Technologies Announces Increased Focus on Torque/Speed Management for Electric Motors

June 13, 2018

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Exro Technologies Announces Increased Focus on Torque/Speed Management for Electric Motors

Vancouver, BC –  June 13, 2018 – Exro Technologies Inc. (“Exro” or the "Company") (CSE:XRO) (OTCQB: EXROF)

Exro Technologies is pleased to report that consistent with its recently announced collaboration with Potencia Industrial of Mexico City, it is focusing resources on a new application of its coil switching technology around improved torque/speed performance of electrical motors.

“The data shows that Exro’s coil switching technology improves torque at low speeds and allows electric motors to maintain higher torque at lower speeds,” said Mark Godsy, CEO of Exro.  “Many applications require higher torque at low speeds.  Without a good system for manipulating the torque/speed profile, applications that require higher torque have had to accept the trade-off of speed degradation when torque increases, to a point where the motor might stall or stop rotating.  Our goal is to make it possible to eliminate these types of tradeoffs in a broad range of commercial applications, from electric vehicle motors to e-bikes to trains and trams, drones, and to motors used in smaller appliances such as food processors and blenders.”

The company is currently collaborating with Potencia Industrial to incorporate its coil switching technology into their electric motors and generators and is actively enlisting other collaboration partners.

“In some cases, such as with e-bikes, consumers have to make a decision about whether they want to optimize for torque or for cruising speed,” said Torsten Broeer, Exro Chief Technology Officer.  “In other cases, companies are starting to solve torque/speed tradeoffs by using a dual motor design, where one motor is designed to provide torque at low speeds and the other is designed to provide optimal cruising performance,” said Torsten Broeer.  “We believe that our technology can help consumers and commercial partners achieve optimal performance with a single motor design."

An additional benefit of actively manipulating the torque/speed profile is that it becomes possible to reduce the amount of heat that's generated.  

"Reducing excess heat is a crucial benefit to many of the customers we've been talking to," said Godsy.   "Excessive heat causes unnecessary wear and tear and also leads to safety concerns. Active management of the torque/speed profile offers many benefits to many different market segments and as a company, we're excited about bringing these benefits to our customers and partners."

About Exro

Exro Technologies Inc. offers the potential to accelerate the transition to clean energy by improving the efficiency and reliability of electric motors and generators and by improving the performance and safety of batteries used to store energy.  
For more information about Exro, go to  www.exro.com

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Mark Godsy, Director & CEO


Lyle McLennan: 604 808 9221

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