Exro Powertrain Kit

Experience unmatched performance and drive emission-free

Exro Technologies Inc. is a leading clean technology company that has developed a new generation of power electronics that bridge the performance-cost gap in e-mobility. We are now excited to share this next-generation technology with integrators, restoration companies, and DIYers to help you unlock superior performance.

Exro Powertrain Kit

Whether for lower cost of ownership, enhanced performance, or environmental reasons there has been a surge in retrofitting ICE vehicles. Upcycling old cars bypasses manufacturing and is a more efficient use of resources.

Considering our portfolio of power electronics, as well as the integration and controls software expertise, we are excited to announce the launch of Exro Powertrain Kits (EPK).

Exro Powertrain Kits (EPK) are simple, cost effective, and high performance option for applications ranging from light duty (UTVs, Golf carts, Motorcycles), to medium and heavy duty (Passenger vehicles, Trucks, Classic vehicles).

Why Exro Powertrain Kit?

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Fully integrated electric drive unit for easy conversions
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Pre-packaged electric vehicle control strategy provided in Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)
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EVS expertise in integration, control, and software
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Strong network of external suppliers

Patented Coil Switching technology

  • High peak starting torque in Series mode
  • Sustained torque at high RPMs in Parallel mode

Full bi-directional power flow (On-board charger & traction inverter functionality)

  • Charging infrastructure cost reduction
  • V2X capabilities

Simplicity and flexibility in design

  • Removal of mechanical gearbox
  • Removal of on-board charger in high voltage drives
  • Electrical and mechanical pre-integration of motor and inverter
  • Controls pre-integration of electric drive unit and VCU
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Kits Include

Pre-packaged and integrated inverter / motor drive system

  • Exro’s patented Coil Driver™ Technology
  • Combined on-board charger / traction inverter functionality in high voltage drives

Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

  • Pre-packaged integration of Drive System and Vehicle Control Strategy
  • Pre-packaged Electric Vehicle Control Strategy

Optional add-ons

  • AC PDU
  • HV / LV wire harness
  • Charge point connector
  • Range extender genset
  • Battery Management System / Complete custom designed battery pack
  • Accelerator pedal sensor
  • Brake pedal sensor
  • Shift selector
  • HV AC compressor
  • HV hydraulic power steering pump
  • HV fluid heater
  • HV battery pack
  • Operator display
  • Coolant pumps
  • Cooling fan

Optional services

  • Electrification consulting
  • System integration services
  • Customized controls software
  • Electric vehicle engineering services