Battery Control System

Extending batteries into second life.

Three Exro 25kW 150kWh Energy Storage Systems outside a small facility. Concept design Exro ESS, sizes are not to scale.
Exro’s patented Battery Control System (BCS) is an innovative battery management inverter combined with an advanced cell control software that can expand the capabilities of batteries by enabling a greater depth of control on the cells. The battery cells in an electric vehicle reach end of life usually within five to ten years, depending on battery conditions. These batteries can be optimized and repurposed into an Energy Storage System for a new second life. Exro’s BCS has been developed on the foundation of repurposing batteries into an ESS but can also be utilized as an effective solution for first life applications.

Second Life Energy Storage
As more electric vehicles reach end of first life, there is a growing number of batteries that can be utilized for second life energy storage. The BCS can lead the rapidly growing energy storage markets by extending battery life, increasing reliability, and reducing total costs.


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