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Cell Driver™

Commercial and Industrial energy storage solution with an innovative Battery Control System™

The Exro Cell Driver™ is a fully integrated system equipped with our proprietary Battery Control System™ (BCS). The BCS actively balances the charging and discharging, enables a higher depth of control on the cells, enhances safety, and intelligently isolates faults to ensure continuous power delivery while matching power quality.

The Cell Driver™ is also an optimal solution for second-life EV batteries as the BCS technology estimates State-of-Charge and State-of-Health of battery cells starting in the commissioning process. Substantially reducing the emissions and the need for raw earth materials by almost doubling the lifetime of retired EV batteries.

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Enhanced Safety: Dynamic micro-protection mechanisms with functions for current, temperature, and voltage. Electrically isolate defected cells without disruptions to system operation.

Decreased Total Cost of Ownership: Fault isolation minimizes down time and prevents disruptions in power delivery. Cell Driver™ also offers shortened installation and maintenance time using modular plug-in design.

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Reduced environmental impact: Substantial reduction in emissions and the need for raw earth materials by almost doubling the lifetime of retired EV batteries.

Optimizing and Extending Battery Capabilities

Exro Cell Driver™ 90kW/192kWh: Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage

Next-Gen Cell Control Solution

Exro’s proprietary Battery Control System™ controls the charging and discharging based on state-of-charge (SOC) and State-of-Heath (SOH). Active cell balancing enables enhanced depth of control, maximized cell lifetime, and micro-protection mechanisms for improved safety and uninterrupted operation.

Second Life Energy Storage

The battery cells in an electric vehicle reach end of life in about 8-12 years, depending on battery conditions. As more electric vehicles reach end of first life, there is a growing number of batteries that can be utilized for second life energy storage. The Cell Driver™ can utilize retired EV batteries and give them a second life in energy storage applications, significantly reducing total cost of ownership with enhanced reliability and safety.

The Applications

Peak Shaving: Reduce peak demand charges

Load Shifting: Buy energy at low prices and discharge at high prices

Emergency Backup: Provide power in a grid outage

Battery Buffer: Support EV charging infrastructure with peak power shaving functionality

Frequency Regulation: Manage power surplus/shortage to stabilize supply and demand

Micro Grid: Operate in grid-connected or island mode

Power Quality Improvement: Enhance power factor and power quality while lowering the total cost

Second-life Cell Ready: Simplify battery repurposing process.

Standards and Compliance

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Ingress protection

  • IP56
  • NEMA 4
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Toxic Material and Flammability

  • UL 9540
  • UL 1741 SA/SB
  • UL 1998
  • UL 1973
  • IEEE 1547
  • IEEE 2030.5

Note: Some certifications and standards listed here are currently under attainment.


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