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Coil Driver™

Optimizing the intelligence, power, and efficiencies in electric motors with the world's most intelligent motor controller.

Equipped with advanced power electronics, the Coil Driver™ can drive any AC motor with increased performance in a wide range of applications up to your peak power.

  • Dynamically enables multiple power settings in a single motor
  • Next-generation control algorithms optimized for coil switching
  • Compliance with international automotive standards for functional safety and reliability

Intelligent: Dynamic torque switching, optimized motor performance


Powerful: Enhanced performance at high speed, better startability and gradeability at low speed


Efficient: Improved operational efficiency, less mechanical loss, extended range

Leading the revolution to intelligent electrification

Exro has developed a new dynamic controller, the smart Coil Driver™, that replaces the standard controller of an electric motor. This controller effectively creates an intelligent electronic gearbox inside the motor. Our Coil Driver™ electronically switches the coil configuration in real time, seamlessly and under demand. The intelligent coil switching establishes a greater depth of control of an electric motor using the coils already installed. The ability to change configurations allows efficiency optimization for each operating mode, resulting in smarter energy consumption. The Coil Driver™ automatically selects the appropriate configuration in real time so that torque demand and efficiency are optimized.

Results have not been independently verified. Metrics are specific to the application and may differ in other applications.

Our Products


Coil Driver™ Low Voltage:
100 Volt Motor Controller

Exro Technologies’ 100 Volt inverter is an intelligent motor controller, created with revolutionary Coil Driver™ technology. Using intelligent coil switching, Exro’s patented technology optimizes the powertrain, enhances torque, and improves performance in 2&3-wheelers,ATVs, light utility vehicles, and light duty applications


2-3 wheelers


Light duty vehicles

light utility vehicle icon

Light utility vehicles

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Coil Driver™ High Voltage:
800 Volt Motor Controller

Exro Technologies’ 800 Volt Inverter is an intelligent motor controller, created by the revolutionary Coil Driver™ technology. Exro’s patented technology uses intelligent coil switching to optimize the powertrain, enhance torque, improve performance, and reduce cost in heavy duty electric vehicles.


Heavy duty vehicles


Commercial vehicles


Municipal vehicles

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Exro Technologies coil drive system

Coil Drive System™ High Voltage: 800 Volt Motor & Inverter System

Exro Technologies’ Coil Drive System™ (CDS) is an intelligent traction drive system, designed to integrate with standard direct drive and axle powertrains. CDS is powered by Exro’s revolutionary Coil Driver™ technology and integrated with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM).


Heavy duty vehicles


Commercial vehicles


Municipal vehicles

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Top-down view of an electric car chassis, with the vehicle's battery and other inner parts visible.

New Application: Coil Drive™ Charger

Exro Technologies unveils a new application for its patented Coil Driver™ technology that has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity associated with deploying electric vehicle infrastructure at scale.

  • Removing the onboard charger (OBC)
  • Removing the external AC/DC charger
  • Add Vehicle to Everything (V2X) capabilities
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The Exro Difference

Switching automatically and seamlessly, Coil Driver™ selects the appropriate torque profile to optimize the current torque and speed demand. Unlike standard inverters, Coil Driver™ achieves 100% utilization of DC link voltage in both its series and parallel modes. This significantly extends the capabilities of the electric motor, leading to:

  • Starting torque increase
  • Overall torque output improvement across the speed spectrum
  • Enhanced power across the speed spectrum
  • Reduced mechanical loss and total cost of ownership
Legend indicates blue line on graph represents Exro Coil Driver and grey line is Industry Standard.
Line graph shows Exro Coil Driver has 60% performance improvement compared to industry standard.Line graph shows Exro Coil Driver has 150% performance improvement compared to industry standard.
Performance curves are based on a system comprised of Exro 800 Coil Driver™ and TSA TMPW 38-26-8 motor.

Traditional Inverter

  • Controls how the motor behaves to meet load requirements
  • The motor is static with a traditional inverter

Exro Inverter

  • Controls how the motor behaves to expand load requirements
  • The motor is dynamic with an Exro inverter

Standards and Compliance

check skyblue icon

Component Standards

  • AEC-Q100
  • AEC-Q101
  • AEC-Q200
  • ROHS
check skyblue icon

Toxic Material and Flammability

  • UL94-V0
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Functional Safety

  • ISO26262
check skyblue icon

Automotive Quality Management System

  • IATF16949
check skyblue icon

Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • CISPR-25
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Shock and Vibration Standard

  • GMW3172 sprung masses


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