Coil Driver


Faster, stronger, and smarter electric motors.

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Coil Driver


The first intelligent coil switching drive

Equipped with advanced power electronics, the Coil Driverᵀᴹ can drive any AC motor with increased performance in a wide range of applications up to your peak power.

  • Dynamically enables multiple power settings in a single motor
  • Next generation control algorithms optimized for coil switching
  • Compliance with international automotive standards for functional safety and reliability
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More speed
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More torque
More Routes & Less Charging
Gradeability To Go Further
Expanded Towing Capacity

Intelligent Coil Switching

Intelligent Coil Switching establishes a greater depth of control of an electric motor using the coils already installed. The ability to change configurations allows efficiency optimization for each operating mode, resulting in smarter energy consumption. The Coil Driverᵀᴹ automatically selects the appropriate configuration in real time so that torque demand and efficiency are optimized.

Traditional Inverter

  • Controls how the motor behaves to meet load requirements
  • The motor is static with a traditional inverter

Exro Inverter

  • Controls how the motor behaves to expand load requirements
  • The motor is dynamic with an Exro inverter


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